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Email Marketing is a great way to reach customers. We can tailor a marketing package to fit your needs.

Open Sky Media, LLC is proud to offer email marketing to our customers. If you are an existing Email Marketing Customer use the login form below to access your account.

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About Email Marketing

Open Sky Media, LLC Email Marketing Clients have complete control over their email marketing campaigns. They have access to real time stats with every campaign. It's better then traditional campaigns because you can

  1. Get delivery confirmations
  2. Find out who read it, what time they read, how many times they read it.
  3. Find out if it was forwarded to another recipient.
  4. Find out what links were clicked on in the email.

There are two types of service that we offer:

Self Service

We provide the platform/service to the customer. The customer uploads their own email newsletter, schedules deliveries, and provides the mailing lists to send them to. You only pay for the costs of sending a campaign.


$7.50 per delivery and .02 per recipient

Full Service

We do all the work! All you provide us is the content of the newsletter. We format the text, create the links, schedule the delivery (or you can tell us when you want) and send out the newsletter or campaign.


$65 for initial template design

$35 Formatting the newsletter

$15.00 per newsletter delivery

.03 per recipient

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