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Our professional web videos are a cost effective way to get your message seen by the world!

Open Sky Media provides a wide variety of video production and editing. From Industrial Video to Weddings to Birthdays, Real Estate, Political, Commercial, and even Auto Dealerships we can take your ideas and put it to video.

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion? Do you have many photos you would like to turn into a memorable presentation? Do it all with the power of video. We take your memories, put them to music and create a beautiful video presentation together for you.

Real Estate video is a brilliant way to promote your property. In this market, you need every advantage at your disposal and Real Estate Video is one of them. Compared to the old antiquated method of "stitching" together photographs and calling it a "Virtual Tour" our method brings you into the 21st century. How about a real walking tour of the property? Now, add a musical soundtrack and a voice over announcer to talk about the many features and amenities of your property? And we can do that for as little as $200!

Commerical Videos are a great way to promote your busines over the internet. You can easily add them to your website, or use our povided hostin and simply link to them from an email, advertisement, business card, or anything. For a far cheaper cost then a Television commercial, you can have a high quality production that will constantly be playing from your website. You can even put them on DVD and use them in your store or business location. Experience the power of targeted advertising with our Commercial Video service.

Auto Dealerships can really benefit from our service. Leverage the power of the internet to promote your dealership in a new and exciting way. Go beyond the typical 30 to 60 second spot with creative acting and filmography. We can take your dealership to the next level and help you stand out from the pack with our Auto Dealership Video Service.

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